Installing storefront window tinting on the glass doors and windows of your business can help increase employee productivity, make sure your customers are more comfortable and add a layer of security to enhance your security system. Here are five ways window film does this.

No. 1: Lower Heat, Reduce High Energy Costs with Storefront Window Tinting

Storefront window tinting is designed to help control the sun’s harmful rays and improve comfort. Commercial window tinting helps block the sun’s heat-producing infrared rays, keeping your interior space cooler. This also leads to lowering high energy costs related to keeping your storefront cool.

So how does window film work? Office window tinting is manufactured using hundreds of layers of thin film. Each layer is designed to deflect the sun’s harsh rays away from your glass – rather than allowing the rays to stream inside.

This means less heat pockets near your windows. Your customers will be more comfortable looking at displays near your commercial storefront windows.

With less heat pockets to combat, your business’ HVAC system doesn’t have to work so hard. This means that window tinting can lower your energy bill each month.

No. 2: Reduce Glare, Improve Employee, Customer Comfort with Storefront Window Tinting

Storefront window tinting is designed to reduce glare from the sun and can help improve eye comfort for your employees and customers.

During certain times of year and depending on how your storefront’s windows are facing, the sun’s glare can cause discomfort for your employees and customers.

Glare is caused by the sun’s angle in combination with the horizon. Glare can make it harder for employees to see computer screens, check out screens, tablets, cell phone screens and more. The same is true for your customers.

Storefront window tinting is designed to prevent glare. The darker the tint, the more visible light is restricted from entering into a storefront. This means you can combat glare using window tint.

Ultimately, more comfortable employees and customers are more productive. Research shows that employees who perceive their environment to be more comfortable are 25% more productive than those who are uncomfortable.

No. 3: Prevent Fading Furniture, Floors with Storefront Window Tinting

Long term, storefront window tinting can save you money on replacing faded furniture and flooring. This is because most window films are designed to block UV rays, the leading cause of fading.

UV rays are not only known for causing skin cancer, they also work over time to fade your furniture, flooring, merchandise, store displays and other valuables. Adding storefront window tinting to your glass windows and doors is like adding a sunscreen to your building. This can save you hundreds of dollars in replacement costs down the road.

No. 4: Add Security with Storefront Window Tinting

Storefront window tinting also can add a layer of protection to the glass entry points of your business. Security film provides a measure of defense against unwanted break-ins.

Security film is designed to firmly hold shattered glass together after impact. The film prevents glass shards from immediately flying and harming people and property. It also means that the intruder can’t penetrate the glass as easily.

In some cases, security film has been proven to keep intruders at bay by up to two full minutes – which is precious time for emergency officials to arrive.

Privacy film also can add security to your storefront business. Films like frosted film, blackout film, one-way mirror film and limo tint are all options for storefront owners who are looking to block the view from the street.

Glass doors and windows are often the most vulnerable entry point of a business. Add to your existing security system by installing window tinting to your glass.

No. 5: Storefront Window Tinting is Backed by a Warranty

When you work with an installer like Sunshades Tint & Sound, you will be working with professionals who are trained in the best installation practices of storefront window tinting.

Our window films are backed by manufacturer warranties. This means that you can rest easy as a business owner of a storefront and know that your film is not going to degrade over time.

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