3M car window tinting can protect you, your passengers and your belongings. The state-of-the-art window film is scientifically designed to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

Here’s a closer look at how 3M car window tinting adds protection to your ride.

Lower Heat with Car Window Tinting

Protect yourself from the hot heat. Car window tinting can dramatically reduce the heat in your hot car by blocking infrared rays from entering in through the windows.

3M’s top-of-the-line Crystalline Series of car window tinting is constructed using two hundred layers of nano-technology film, each designed to deflect infrared rays away from your vehicle. Crystalline’s CR 20 films, its limo tint version in the series, can reject up to 64 percent of solar energy and up to 99 percent of infrared rays. Meanwhile, it’s CR 90 films, a clear version, can reject up to 46 percent of solar energy and 95 percent of infrared rays. In fact, Crystalline’s clear version of film has proven to reject more heat than many other darker films – so you don’t have to change the look of your vehicle!

Meanwhile, 3M’s Ceramic IR Series of car window tinting offers the best heat rejection over other ceramic tint. The auto tint series has proven to reject up to 95 percent of infrared rejection using nano-ceramic technology. It’s limo tint version offers 66 percent of total solar energy rejection. The lightest tint in this series offers 51 percent solar energy rejection and 78 percent infrared rejection.

3M’s car window tinting is designed to lower the heat in your car. In fact, a 3M study showed that a parked car with 3M window film installed can experience a temperature reduction of up to 47 degrees for sedans and 30 degrees for SUVs. That’s a difference you can feel!

Reduce Glare with Car Window Tinting

Protect your vision and reduce glare using car window tinting. Just after sunrise and before sunset, the sun can be positioned just over the horizon and shine directly into a driver’s eyes. According to AAA, this is when roads become the most dangerous.

Darker window tinting, including limo tint, can help reduce glare and make driving during all parts of the day much more enjoyable. The same technology that reduces heat can also prevent glare. The films feature a unique construction comprised of hundreds of layers of very thin films. This enables precise control of light – reflecting certain wavelengths while allowing others to pass through.

The darker car window tinting options offer higher glare reduction because it limits the amount of visible light that is allowed to pass through the film. 3M’s Crystalline car window tinting series offers up to 77 percent of glare reduction for its darkest limo tint. Meanwhile, 3M’s Ceramic IR series offers up to 93 percent of glare reduction with its limo tint option.

Reducing glare improves your overall comfort when driving. 3M’s car window tinting can help add a layer of protection against glare.

Reducing UV Rays with Car Window Tinting

Protect yourself and your car from UV rays using car window tinting. The sun’s ultraviolet rays have been known to not only cause sunburn, skin cancer and premature ageing, but they also can case fading and deterioration of your car’s interior.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV Rays are the leading cause of skin cancer. However, 3M auto window tinting has proven to reject 99.9 percent of UV rays. It’s like adding a 1,000 SPF of sunscreen on your car windows! The layers of tint work together to deflect unwanted UV rays.

Not only will you be protecting your skin – and that of your passengers – but you can also slow the fading of your car’s interior. Science has proven that UV rays are the leading cause of fading furniture – and can negatively impact your dash, center console and seats over time.

Help protect your ride from the effects of UV Rays using car window tinting.

Add Security with Car Window Tinting

3M car window tinting can also add a layer of security to your ride – to protect you and your belongings from physical harm.

3M’s Scotchshield™ Automotive Security Films are scientifically designed to hold broken fragments of glass together after impact in the event of an unwanted break-in or car accident. The Security Series offers a level of protection against unwanted break-ins while also offering solar control (such as heat, glare and UV ray protection).

3M’s car safety tints are tested against a variety of scenarios, including blasts, to ensure that the film will hold shattered glass together. So, how does it work? The tint is .10 mm thick with a tensile strength of 25,000 psi and a break strength of 100 pounds per inch.

Scotchshield™ auto tint will certainly help add a strong layer of protection during an unwanted intrusion, such as a car burglary or car accident.

3M Car Window Tinting Has a Warranty Protection

You’ll know that your investment in 3M car window tinting is protected by a strong warranty when you have your film installed by a 3M™ Authorized Dealer like Sunshades Tint & Sound in Austin.

3M car window tinting is backed by a 3M warranty for the life of the vehicle as long as it remains in your ownership. This means you can rest easy knowing that your tint will not turn purple, bubble, crack or fade.

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