We know that our pets love our windows, and home window film can help improve not only your view but theirs by cutting down on heat, glare and damaging UV rays.

The month of February is recognized as Responsible Pet Owners Month across the globe. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends a host of ways to be more responsible pet owners, including providing the ideal environment for your pets at home. 

Our window film solutions are designed to reject heat, reduce glare and block UV rays – ultimately improving the comfort of your home for you and your pets.

Home Window Film Prevents Heat Pockets Near Your Windows

Window film is scientifically designed to lower heat and reduce heat pockets inside your home. No matter if you have a cat who loves watching the birds, squirrels and neighbors or if you have a dog who is safeguarding your home by keeping an eye on your home’s surroundings, your pets love your home windows. 

Window film is made up of multiple layers of film. Each layer is designed to help deflect heat-producing infrared rays. This leaves your home cooler and prevents heat pockets, or temperature differences, near your windows – thus improving the overall comfort when you or your pet is near your windows. This also can lower high energy costs associated with keeping your home cool.

With home window film, your furry, fluffy friends like Fido and Princess can remain cooler and more comfortable during those lazy hours spent by the window.

Home Window Film Reduces Glare for Everyone

Home window films are especially good at reducing glare your windows, especially during certain times of the day when the sun’s rays are directly hitting your windows. Your four-legged family members will appreciate having less eye strain during these hours.

Darker tints tend to reduce more glare, however there are some clear tints that are also capable of glare reduction if you don’t want to change the look of your home. A company like Sunshades Tint & Sound can help you find the best solution, including tint level, that works best for your home.

With home window film, your entire family – including the four-legged members – will enjoy less eye strain and the outdoor view.

Home Window Film Blocks Harmful UV Rays

We all love the natural sunlight cascading into our homes and lighting up our lives. Your animals likely also enjoy soaking in the Vitamin D that natural sunlight provides. But dangerous UV rays can be harmful for the entire family.

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is the No. 1 cause of skin cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. The sun’s damaging UV rays are strongest between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and heightened during the spring and summer months, when our Texas homes are closer to the equator. 

Just like humans, pets also can get sun burned, including the tips of their ears, lips and mid-section. Pets who sunbathe on their backs can get a sun burned stomach. 

Just like window film blocks heat-producing infrared rays, most films are designed to block nearly 99% of UV rays. This means your pets (and you) can enjoy the natural rays inside your homes without the risk of getting sun burn (or worse, cancer).

Auto Tinting on Your Hot Car

Many dog owners know how much our four-legged best friends enjoy going for car rides with us, and auto tint can offer the same protection as home window film for our dogs.

However, no dog should ever stay inside a locked car. Each year, dozens of dogs die because their owner left them in a hot car – even one that has window film installed. Studies show that vehicle temperatures can raise as high as 20 degrees in less than 10 minutes inside a locked car parked in the sun.

For a better car riding experience for you and your pooch, auto tint is designed to keep your car more comfortable, reducing glare and blocking UV rays. (We just ask that you remain a responsible pet owner, like the month of February encourages.)

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