State governments across the nation (including the State of Texas in 2022) have recognized April 30 as National Window Film Day and the importance of installing window film on homes, businesses and autos.

Each year, the International Window Film Association recognizes April 30 as National Window Film Day. State governors from across the country sign a proclamation recognizing the day and the role that local window tint businesses, like Sunshades Tint & Sound, play in helping reduce a building’s energy use, resulting in fewer carbon emissions and delivering other benefits, such as UV protection, blocking glare and lowering heat.

Here is a look at how window tinting makes a difference for homeowners and businesses.

Why Window Tinting? Lower Heat, High Energy Costs

Window tinting is designed to lower heat by blocking the sun’s harsh, heat-producing infrared rays. Constructed using hundreds of layers of thin films, window tinting deflects the unwanted rays away from a glass surface, rather than allowing them to filter inside.

This results in less heat pockets next to windows and a general warming of the room. With the elimination of the sun’s heat from entering a home or commercial facility, the building’s HVAC system does not have to work as hard to keep a room’s temperature cool and even. This results in longer term savings for the homeowner or business.

This also means that there are fewer carbon emissions from the energy use, which overall is better for the environment.

Why Window Tinting? Reduce Glare

Glare reduction can also be a reason to install window tinting on a home or business.

Glare is caused by the angle of the sun in relation to the horizon and the location of facing windows. It can create eye strain for those who are affected. It makes it harder to see screens, including television screens, computer screens, tablets, mobile phones and more.

Window tinting is designed to reduce glare. The darker tints allow in less visible light, which can significantly reduce glare issues and provide better eye comfort.

Why Window Tinting? Block UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays are the leading cause of skin cancer. They also are the leading cause of fading furniture and flooring. All window tints are designed to block UV rays and provide a layer of protection against the damage that these rays can cause.

Adding window tinting to glass doors and windows is like adding a layer of sunscreen on your building. This blanket of protection can significantly reduce the rate of fading. This means less replacement costs of faded merchandise, furniture or floors long term. It also means less items are thrown away and put in landfills.

Celebrate National Window Film Day This Year

On April 30 each year, the U.S. will celebrate National Window Film Day and the role that tint companies play in reducing energy emissions and improving the quality of life for homeowners and businesses.

‘We are grateful to the many U.S. Governors that have shined a spotlight on window film and the wide spectrum of benefits it provides to consumers to reduce their energy use and also, by reducing peak energy demand, to help utilities,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the nonprofit International Window Film Association (IWFA) in a media release announcing the 2023 initiative. “Window films also provide similar energy savings, glare reduction and UV protection on automotive glass for consumers while in their vehicles,” Smith added.

For more information about the benefits of window film for either a home, business or auto, contact Sunshades Tint & Sound at (512) 249-8468 or at [email protected].