Make this holiday season memorable with auto tint from Sunshades Tint and Sound. Looking for the perfect gift idea? From reliable privacy to solar control, our auto tints can keep your loved ones safe and comfortable on the road, making it a perfect gift for the holidays and add protection year-round.

Our window films reduce harmful UV rays, glare and heat in your vehicle. They often outperform factory-tinted glass at a fraction of the cost, and can be packaged for any holiday budget.

Here are some reasons to consider automotive window films for your loved ones this year.

Block UV Rays with Auto Tint

Although invisible, UV rays can quickly age car interiors and property left inside your vehicle when it is not protected by auto tint. They gradually fade seats, dashboards and more.

Overexposure to UV light is also a leading cause of cataracts and skin cancer, the most common form of cancer in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society.

Once automotive window films are installed, this silent hazard is effectively eliminated from your car – even with our lighter tints – helping to preserve your loved ones’ vehicle and their health.

Reduce Heat with Auto Tint

Containing the Texas heat is no small task, but auto tints are scientifically designed to help.

Our automotive window films can significantly lower your vehicle’s reception of heat-producing infrared rays to improve comfort on the road. They provide a difference you can feel year-round, and can eliminate the need for bulky sunshades in the summer. Maintaining a cool car also reduces strain on your vehicle’s A/C, extending its life and making it more economic.

Stop Glare with Auto Tint

Glare is not just annoying! Solar glare from bright sunlight can cause tragic car accidents, according to a 2017 study posted on the National Library of Medicine. Darker auto tints, like limo tint, can help block the glare. Even our lightest tints provide some protection from glare.

Our window films can help keep dangerous solar glare off your windshield, improving safety on the road from sunrise to sunset.

Enhance Privacy with Auto Tint

Window films, like our auto tints, provide reliable privacy for your vehicle. Our dark tint films obstruct inside viewing to keep your loved ones and their belongings out of clear sight, helping to prevent smash-and-grab burglaries and robberies.

We also offer a safety film for cars that can help prevent your shattered glass shards from flying after impact. These films are proven to help keep unwanted intruders out and protect both people and property from flying glass.

Auto Tint Offers Cool Aesthetics

Your gift can be more than just great performance. From our light shades to impenetrable limo tints, our auto tints can enhance any car’s look. We offer an extensive catalogue from some of the industry’s premier window tint manufacturers and options are limitless.

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