As more people start their holiday shopping, retail owners in the Austin area should consider adding window tinting to their commercial storefront windows to improve comfort, add a layer of safety and security, and reduce fading inside their stores.

Prevent Interior Temperature Differences
Near Commercial Storefront Windows

Window film is scientifically designed to reject heat and even the temperature differences around commercial storefront windows.

Commercial window tinting is constructed using hundreds of layers of films, each one scientifically proven to reflect the heat from the sun’s infrared rays away from commercial windows. This added layer of insulation assists with preventing temperature differences, or heat pockets, near glass windows.

Reducing temperature pockets will not only help to make sure that customers are more comfortable when near the glass, this also means less stress on a shop’s HVAC systems. A store’s air conditioning system will not have to work as hard, resulting in lower energy costs.

Add a Layer of Security and Safety
on Commercial Storefront Windows

Security window film not only provides temperature control, window film also add a layer of security on commercial storefront windows.

Safety film, which is built to be a thick film, offers a barrier on the glass. After impact, the security film for windows prevents shards of glass from flying. Instead, the shattered glass is held in place, which can help prevent damage to people and property. The film is designed to help delay unwanted intruders from entering a building through its commercial windows.

Shop owners looking to beef up security this holiday shopping season should consider adding a layer of safety film to commercial storefront windows.

Reduce Fading Near
Commercial Storefront Windows

Damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays can include fading furniture, flooring and even the products that store managers might put on display near their commercial storefront windows. However, building window tinting can help block those damaging UV rays and dramatically slow the fading process.

Just as commercial window film is designed to deflect heat, the multi-layered construction of window tinting also deflects the sun’s unwanted ultraviolet light – a leading source of fading. And while nothing can completely stop fading, window film can certainly slow the process.

Speak to an Expert About Improving
Your Commercial Storefront Windows

If you are a shop owner or a retail owner, contact Sunshades Tint & Sound today to speak to a window film expert who can improve your customers’ holiday shopping experience by adding window tinting to your commercial storefront windows. We can be reached at (512) 249-8468 or at [email protected].