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Why Add Window Tinting to Commercial Storefront Windows?

As more people start their holiday shopping, retail owners in the Austin area should consider adding window tinting to their commercial storefront windows to improve comfort, add a layer of safety and security, and reduce fading inside their stores. Prevent Interior Temperature Differences Near Commercial Storefront Windows Window film is scientifically designed to reject [...]

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April 30 is National Window Film Day

State governments across the nation (including the State of Texas in 2022) have recognized April 30 as National Window Film Day and the importance of installing window film on homes, businesses and autos.Each year, the International Window Film Association recognizes April 30 as National Window Film Day. State governors from across the country sign a [...]

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5 Ways Storefront Window Tinting Can Improve Your Business

Installing storefront window tinting on the glass doors and windows of your business can help increase employee productivity, make sure your customers are more comfortable and add a layer of security to enhance your security system. Here are five ways window film does this. No. 1: Lower Heat, Reduce High Energy Costs with Storefront Window [...]

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5 Reasons to Install Solar Window Film in Your Home or Office

If you are looking to escape Texas’ sweltering heat in your home or office, then consider the benefits of solar window film from Sunshades Tint & Sound. Home window tinting cost a fraction of new glass installations while often outperforming them. Solar window films are designed to attach to any glass or smooth surface to [...]

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The Science Behind 3M Sun Control Window Film

Texas summer heat can be brutal during this time of year, but 3M Sun Control Window Film has helped many local homeowners and business leaders escape the heat and cut down on high energy costs associated with cooling their home and office. As a global leader in adhesive technology, 3M received the first patent for [...]

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