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Lower the Heat this Summer in Your Hot Car

This time of year, the sun's rays are known to make your hot car even more unbearably hot, but window tint can change that by putting you back in control for a cooler and more comfortable ride. Car window tint lowers heat, blocks UV rays, and prevents glare, enhancing comfort and protecting passengers from [...]

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Give the Gift of Auto Tint This Holiday Season

Make this holiday season memorable with auto tint from Sunshades Tint and Sound. Looking for the perfect gift idea? From reliable privacy to solar control, our auto tints can keep your loved ones safe and comfortable on the road, making it a perfect gift for the holidays and add protection year-round.Our window films reduce harmful [...]

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A Look at How 3M™ Car Window Tinting Adds Protection

3M car window tinting can protect you, your passengers and your belongings. The state-of-the-art window film is scientifically designed to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. Here’s a closer look at how 3M car window tinting adds protection to your ride. Lower Heat with Car Window Tinting Protect yourself from the hot heat. Car [...]

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Three Reasons to Install 3M™ Auto Tint

Wondering why you should install 3M auto tint to your vehicle? Perhaps you’ve seen friends and family members drive straight from the dealership to get tint on their vehicle and never understood why. Here are three top reasons to consider installing 3M window tint today and how car window tinting can improve your overall driving [...]

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Protect Your New Tesla Car with 3M™ Auto Window Tinting

Congratulations on a new Tesla car, one of America’s leading luxury brand cars. However, now that you now made the investment to purchase this energy saving electric car, you should be concerned with protecting it. The Texas’ harsh sun is glaring on your Tesla dashboard, and those harmful UV rays could be impacting your interior. [...]

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