Wondering why you should install 3M auto tint to your vehicle? Perhaps you’ve seen friends and family members drive straight from the dealership to get tint on their vehicle and never understood why.

Here are three top reasons to consider installing 3M window tint today and how car window tinting can improve your overall driving experience.

Reason No. 1: Add Comfort with 3M Auto Tint

3M auto tint is scientifically proven to improve the comfort of your vehicle by lowering heat, preventing UV rays and reducing glare.

Research shows that a hot car, parked in the direct sunlight, can reach up to 116 degrees within an hour. The same car’s dash can reach an average of 157 degrees! However, a 3M study showed that a parked car with 3M window film installed can experience a temperature reduction of up to 47 degrees for sedans and 30 degrees for SUVs. That’s a difference you can feel.

A global leader in adhesive technology, 3M received the first patent for sun control window film in 1966. Backed by innovation, science and technology, 3M™ Automotive Window Film, Crystalline Series films are constructing using hundreds of layers of films, each designed to deflect unwanted rays from the sun – including the heat-producing infrared rays.

The auto tint’s layers also can deflect 99.9 percent of cancer-causing UV rays. UV Rays not only cause skin damage, but also can cause fading and damage to your car’s interior.

Offered in a variety of tint levels, 3M auto tints can assist with glare reduction, as darker tints make it even easier for you to see while driving when the sun is at its brightest.

So, between lowering heat levels, preventing UV rays and reducing glare, you’ll ride more comfortably with 3M auto tint.

Reason No. 2: Add Style with 3M Auto Tint

3M auto tint can enhance your ride’s style. Auto tint adds a level of sophistication and detail to your car, showing that you care about your vehicle’s appearance and the investment you’ve made.

With a range of tint levels, from clear film to darker tints, you can choose the style that meets your lifestyle. If you love the look of a dark tint, you’ll want to look at Color Stable Series. Color Stable offers a rich appearance and nano-carbon color dispersed throughout the thickness of the film. Meanwhile, 3M’s Ceramic IR Series adds a cool element to your vehicle, with its high levels of heat rejection.

However, if limo tint is not the look that you are after, consider 3M’s Crystalline Series, which offers a clear film scientifically proven to still add comfort while not changing the original appearance of your ride.

There are plenty of styles to choose from and a 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer like Sunshades Tint & Sound can help you navigate the best fit for your lifestyle.

Reason No. 3: Add Privacy (and Protection) with 3M Window Tint

Add both privacy and protection with 3M auto tint. The darker tint levels block up to 95 percent of visible light and make it virtually impossible to see what is inside the interior of your car. So you can rest easy knowing that no one can see you and your belongings.

Meanwhile, 3M’s Scotchshield™ Automotive Security Films are designed to keep intruders out. The car window films are scientifically designed to hold broken fragments of glass together after impact in the event of an unwanted break-in or car accident.

All of 3M’s auto tints also come with a strong warranty, an added level of protection for your peace of mind. When installed by a 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer like Sunshades Tint & Sound, the films are backed for as long as you own the vehicle.

So, add comfort, style and protection with 3M auto tints. For more information, contact Sunshades Tint & Sounds today at (512) 249-8468.